catalog essay

Absence / Presence

M.Y. Art Prospects 
547 West 27th Street, 2nd fl.
New York City, N.Y. 

M.Y. Art Prospects is pleased to present Absence / Presence, a three-person exhibition featuring photography by Thomas Chang, a mixed-media sculpture installation by Kaoru Motomiya, and drawings by Sung-Ah Chang. The opening reception will take place on Wednesday, March 21, 6-8pm, as part of the citywide "Asia Week" celebration.

Organized by art historian and curator Doryun Chong, this exhibition presents works of three young artists, which all revolve around the dual concepts of Absence/Presence, despite their clearly distinct aesthetic qualities.

Thomas Chang's photography explores environments of genteel consumption, sexual gratification, and display of wealth and privilege. They are spaces pregnant with socioeconomic implications of interpersonal relationships, but Chang's images clinically evacuate any human presence. Suffused with gorgeous and sensual hues, Chang's works explore stimulating new dimensions in color photography.

Extending the boundaries of organic form and function, Kaoru Motomiya creates quietly unsettling sculptures and installations. For her newest work, she sampled small gaps and marks on the wooden floor of her New York studio. Using a variety of odd shapes molded from these patterns, she has created sculptures that evoke a profound sense of the effects of aging and life's ever-changing nature.

Sung-Ah Chang's large drawings present human images - views of a seemingly slumbering person, seen from subtly varying angles. In them, the painter gives equal weight to fine texture and agile movement. She gives the viewer a unique window into the psychological landscape of the drawn subject with supreme exercises in the most basic form of art making.

Thomas Chang studied photography and psychology at University of California at Santa Cruz, and received his M. F. A. in photography at San Francisco Art Institute. Kaoru Motomiya graduated from Musashino University of Art in Tokyo. She has had solo exhibitions in Tokyo, and participated in a number of group shows in Japan, Canada, and USA. Sung-Ah Chang studied painting at Seoul National University and at San Francisco Art Institute.

- Doryun Chong