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Project Space

Headlands Center for the Arts announces the opening of Project Space, sponsored by the Andy Warhol Foundation, the space is open to the public Tuesdays through Fridays, and Sundays, 12-5pm. Project Space provides HCA visitors with the chance to interact with artists and witness the process of making art. Past Artists-In-Residence (AIR), Affiliate Artists, MFA Graduate Studio Awardees, alumni and other selected artists are invited to work in the Project Space.

Thomas Chang in Project Space: "Cold Spring Harbor" Every day we create categories to assign people to hierarchically ordered groupings. Historically, scientific measurements of head size (Craniometry), facial features, body type and height have been key resources in this practice. During the week in Project Space the project will attempt to measure the traits and discover basic patterns which define specific personality types. Each visitor will be asked to sit for a portrait from which careful measurements of head size, eye shape, hair color, and body type will be recorded. The goal is to correspond these statistics to personality types such as: Quiet and Reflective, Creative and Original, Artistic, Analytical and Logical, Assertive and Outspoken, Traditional and Prudent, or Independent and Determined.

Headlands Center for the Arts Artists' Talk: Thursday, May 31  at 8pm